Love My Chai

What Is Street Food?
If you love your food you will already know how it feels to stand among the smokes and aromas, chilled drink in one hand, food in the other, chatting to your friends over the buzz of the crowds around you. That's what it is!
It's Catching On!
Street food first started in the Asian Continent, is big in America, and now Europe’s getting a taste of the action too. Especially the UK. Right now, street food is eaten at markets, festivals, events, in disused warehouses, at food festivals and on the high street. There are dedicated street food events popping up all over the country, and on any given weekend, there’s a high chance you’ll find a street food trader serving up some high quality, delicious dishes somewhere near you.
Cha Cha Chai Parantah Chana

Parantha Chana & Achar

The chole/chana and paratha recipe is a protein rich, healthy flat bread that is made from chickpeas, spices and whole wheat flour.

This tasty vegan dish is traditionally eaten at breakfast time with achar (pickle), and is an ideal day starter, especially with a Desi Chai.  

Samosa Chat

This Cha Cha Chai favourite is a popular Pakistani street food.  Crunchy Samosa which is served with a healthy serving of chickpeas (spicy) chole, yoghurt and dollops of Chutneys!

This is always a firm favourite and a great way to enjoy samosas!

Kebab Sandwich

Beef patties which are filled with freshly cooked meat, filled with asian spices, shallow fried to make these amazing kebabs.

Asia has a rich taste in kebabs, and here our Chef's use only the best ingredients and cook them fresh as and when required. Served in a fresh Tea Cake.

Seekh Kebab On Naan

Seekh kebab with naan is a popular dish with Cha Cha Chai customers. It can also be enjoyed with rice, Parantha or both. It is made from lamb and is served with yogurt or mint chutney, as well as salad if required. To prepare the skewered meat is marinated with spices and then cooked over an open flame, charred and grilled to perfection.

Keema In Naan

This oven-baked delicious crispy Keema naan bread is filled with spicy and tangy kabab style ground meat. They are melt in the mouth soft from the inside and crispy from the outside.  This is a perfect solution to your tea, goes perfectly and leaves a great feeling in the stomach, comes highly recommend by us!

Chicken & Rice

Chicken and Rice is incredibly simple, yet is a whole hearty meal any time of the day.  It won't leave you dissatisfied!  Our version is versatile and simple at the same time, 'totally delicious' is the common response after you have tried this.  Our's is made with a simple but not overpowering seasoning.  This is another one of our favourites to recommend.